Communication “If people aren’t aware of your expectations, and they fall short, it’s really your fault for not expressing it to them. The people I work with are in constant communication, probably to a fault. But communication is a balancing act. You might have a specific want or need, but it’s superimportant to treat work as a collaboration. We always want people to tell us their thoughts and ideas—that’s why we have all these very talented people working with us.” — Kim Kurlanchik Russen, partner, TAO Group
I have wanted to write the following message many times, but each time was too shy to do it. However, the situation really has become almost unbearable. Brothers and sisters, when you meet me, PLEASE do not ask for a selfie or picture with me. I understand that you feel a sense of happiness and/or pride, and would like to share that moment with others. I am touched that you show so much love. At the same time, it is highly awkward for many reasons. 1 Firstly, and without any false humility, I am not worthy of such respect. I am a person just like you, with my faults and sins. If you appreciate something that I say, make du'a for me and my family. Taking a selfie with me will not earn you rewards, and is a potential source of temptation for me and others. 2 Secondly, it feeds into a 'celebrity Shaykh' culture which I truly despise, even if at times all of us fall into aspects of it. People of knowledge are not rock stars or pop icons. They should be respected, yes,
 Professor of Naval Architecture is responsible for: Developing and delivery of academic courses at post-graduate level that meet the needs of the MoD, UCL and other customers and are accredited by appropriate professional bodies. Directing the post-MSc course in submarine design and specific lecturing on Submarine Design and Acquisition. Support to MTEC and UCL’s engineering undergraduate courses. Lead areas of research and development into the challenges facing the maritime sector. Supervise undergraduate and master’s level design and research projects. Act as personal tutor to engineering undergraduate students and act as a supervisor for PhD research students. Being an External Examiner for other university courses and establishing student evaluation methods and procedures. Undertaking or managing contract work, including overseas teaching contracts. General administration of MoD and foreign government students. Provision of computing facilities and software as required
The uncertainty of theoretical predictions of hydrodynamic forces based on Morison model may be easily determined. If inertia and damping coefficients are correctly selected, the wave forces over small structural elements can be accurately estimated. The model predicts well the hydrodynamic loading, except in an intermediate region where the Keulegan-Carpenter number is between 8 and 25. This region corresponds to the situation in which both hydrodynamic coefficients are similar and strongly dependent from flow turbulence and surface roughness. The correlation between our theoretical predictions and experimental measurements earlier obtained in wavetank (see Mendes et al. [3]) reflects, inevitably, important scale effects. From the above considerations it appears convenient to conduct a deeper theoretical analysis of the fluid-structure interaction, based on higher-order wave theories, aiming to put in evidence the real non-linearities in extreme sea conditions. We must equally keep in
The design and installation operations of riser and mooring Systems. Emphasis is made on design of deep water moorings and riser system by the accepted industry practices and design codes and criteria. It starts with the types and layout of risers layout and geometry of mooring and line types. Then the riser and mooring line design cycle is introduced and in this section calculate the environmental loads pretension and static equilibrium, and Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV), and analyze the static and dynamic performances including floater. The students also solve the dynamic performances of riser/mooring lines using simulation software (eg. MOSES) and analyze the fatigue of riser and mooring chains.
According to the API code [17], the following design conditions must be considered in the analysis of offshore structures: (i) Design for in-place conditions, which will include resistance of the structure to gravity loads, wind–wave–current loads, ice loads, earthquake loads, and accidental (including impact) loads. The loads computed for the structure must consider the maximum loads likely to be exerted during the drilling, production, and work-over operations, singly or in combination. In addition, the fatigue resistance requirements of the structure also must be considered. (ii) The structural analysis must also consider the loads that will be applied on the structure during its fabrication, transportation, and installation operations. If offshore structures are to be relocated to new sites, then loads resulting from the removal, site-loading onto barge, transportation, and installation should be considered. (iii) The strength of stability check to be applied to the design of in
Dr Yusuf al-Qaradawi telah menggariskan 10 jalan penyelesaian ekonomi Islam, yang merupakan sebahagian daripada ciri-ciri penyelesaian Islam itu sendiri, iaitu: 1.Memberi peluang pekerjaan yang sesuai kepada semua penduduk yang berupaya bekerja (job creation). Islam menganggap pekerjaan adalah hak penduduk dan kerajaan wajib menyediakannya dengan peluang latihan kemahiran yang mencukupi. Dengan itu, semua orang yang berupaya bekerja akan memperoleh pekerjaan dan dapat menyara kehidupan dirinya sendiri. 2.Memberi ganjaran saksama (fair compensation) kepada semua pekerja berpadanan dengan kerja yang dilakukan dan mencukupi perbelanjaan yang sepatutnya. Ini ditunjukkan oleh Rasulullah SAW yang telah membahagikan harta rampasan perang dengan kadar satu bahagian kepada tentera pejalan kaki dan dua atau tiga bahagian kepada tentera berkuda. Selain itu, Baginda telah membahagikan harta al-fai’ satu bahagian kepada tentera yang masih bujang dan dua bahagian kepada tentera yang telah berkahwin.