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Less Blogging

I had not been blogging for quite some time - we're not allowed to blog whilst at work. So much for freedom at work! It looks like Raya Open House is still the order of the day - we're now at 27 Ramadan 1430 (Oct. 16, 2009). Presently to go to one open house nearby - actually its done at Manjung town in Perak.
Actually the photo that's been uploaded is quite nice - waterfall seems to bring good fortune, so goes the feng shui way of thinking.
Had just heard the political speeches of the UMNO General Assembly at KL - plenty of rhetoric, we'll have to wait for their implementation. Care more for the people less for oneself - such a noble thought.
Writing a will (wasiat) is a noble act - wait till you need to do it via some agency, Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB). I would reckon people had been writing wills for ages - ARB was not in existence before! Firstly they charge you for asking for your will to be written and they for all sorts of documents to be photostated - I wonder how y…