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Webb Institute of Naval Architecture was founded in 1889 by industrialist and philanthropist William Henry Webb, who had established his career as a preeminent shipbuilder in the 19th century. He recognized the increasing role of science and engineering in the field of ship design, which had long been seen as more of an art form. Webb felt that the ship designers of the future would need to be skilled in structural and mechanical engineering, and other scientific disciplines. The institute graduated its first class in 1893, and continues to educate students in naval architecture and marine engineering. Founding and early history Webb's Academy and Home for Shipbuilders, Bronx, New York City (c. 1899) On April 2, 1889, the state of New York incorporated Webb's Academy and Home for Shipbuilders as a non-profit institution. Webb had provided the Academy with an endowment presumed to be sufficient to allow the institution to be self-supporting in perpetuity. It was intended to ser…
UNDERSTAND the key financial impacts within the procurement cycle üUNDERSTAND the key financial impacts of the Supply Chain üUTILIZE financially informed decision making üCREATE effective financial risk mitigation üEFFECTIVELY interpret financial statements üCONDUCT robust and meaningful financial analysis üUTILIZE advanced supply chain techniques to reduce cost and improve profitability üENSURE compliance with global financial regulatory frameworks including IFRS & IPSAS üENGAGE effectively with the finance function üEFFECTIVELY engage and report to project stakeholders/funders üDEVELOP and implement a financially informed continuous improvement strategy
Hullgirder ultimate strength check

 1.1  Introduction

 1.1.1 Ch 6, Sec 3, [2] defines the criteria for calculating the ultimate bending moment capacities in hogging condition MUH and sagging condition MUS of a hullgirder transverse section.
As specified in Ch 6, Sec 3, [2] , the ultimate bending moment capacities are defined as the maximum values of the curve of bending moment capacity M versus the curvature χ of the transverse section considered (see Fig 1 ).

 1.1.2  This Appendix provides the criteria for obtaining the curve M-χ.

 1.2  Criteria for the calculation of the curve M-χ

 1.2.1  Procedure The curve M-χ is to be obtained by means of an incremental-iterative approach, summarised in the flow chart in Fig 2 .
Figure 1 - Curve bending moment capacity M
versus curvature χ
Each step of the incremental procedure is represented by the calculation of the bending moment Mi which acts on the hull transverse section as the effect of an imposed curvature χi.
For each step…
Syed Sulaiman Nadvi Syed Sulaiman Nadvi (m), with Ross Masood and Allama Muhammad Iqbal
The Deobandi movement vte This article contains Urdu text.Without proper rendering support, you may see unjoined letters running left to right or other symbols instead of Urdu script.Sulaiman Nadvi (Urdu: سید سلیمان ندوی‎—Sayyid Sulaimān Nadwī; November 22, 1884 – November 23, 1953) was an eminent Indianhistorian,