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Economic Results

How to develop a customer-driven outside-in perspective: 1. Only Cost Centers Exist Within a Business
Employees do not create sales. Products do not create sales. Processes do not create sales. Only customers create sales. Every department inside a business is a cost center and not a profit center. Drucker says, “It is always somebody outside who decides whether the efforts of a business become economic results or whether they become so much waste and scrap.”2. Solving Problems Solves Little
Jeffrey Krames summarizes Drucker’s wisdom by writing, “Solving problems can only return the organization to its prior status quo. To achieve results managers must exploit opportunities.” Constantly fire-fighting problems will never allow a company to grow. It is only by finding and taking advantage of opportunities that causes a company to grow.3. Effectiveness is Better than Efficiency
Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” And, Drucker als…

Books that I had Read

Bloggers love to share their hobbies with readers - hence my listing of books that I had read or wish I had finished reading. Naval architect's library can be varied and interesting. Some comments are inserted to add some colour to the list. The list is random but starts with more interesting topics first:

1. Translation of the Holy Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali - Perhaps one of the most comprehensive translation of the Quran to date. I had also read other translations by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall and some Malay translations. Tafsir by Syed Qutb, "Fi Zilal Quran" and Prof Dr Hamka, "Tafsir Al-Azhar" are very knowledgeable.
2. Translation of Sahih Muslim (hadith).
3. Bucaille, "The Quran, the Bible & Science".
4. Hassen Meeah, "The Light" - On the 99 Holy & Beautiful names of Allah SWT.
5. M. Said, "210 Do'a Mustajab" - A collection of prayers to be practiced by the Muslims.
6. Drucker, "Managing for Results", Pan, Lo…

The Light

"Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth . . . "[1] The Light is one of the ninety-nine Beautiful Names of Allah. Light is that by which things become known. Things may exist in the dark, but they cannot be seen. Light may be physical, such as the light of the sun or the moon, or intelligible, like the light of the intellect. The latter is that which illuminates the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge. Total darkness is non-existence, thus light is that which brings created beings out of non-existence into existence. It is the creative act of Allah and this is one of the meanings of "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth . . . " The other meaning is that every light in the universe is but a reflection of His mercy, every knowledge a reflection of His knowledge and so on. "Allah created His creation in darkness,&qu…

Resolving Project Conflict

How to Resolve Project ConflictHere's how to face and deal with conflict within your project team...You need to face conflict and not ignore it, as ignoring it only makes the problem worse. The earlier you face it, the easier it will be to resolve. Here are some examples of conflict you might experience on projects:Your boss is frustrated with progress and takes it out on you openly, in front of others in your team.Your colleague wants something from you that you can't give them, or can't do for them within the timeframe required so they get angry.Your staff think you're being unrealistic about timeframes, so they handle it badly by raising their voice and being obstructive.When conflict occurs, take these steps:Time out: If the other person is getting heated, tell them you need to take five minutes to collect your thoughts. Then make a coffee or go for a walk. This will help you both to calm down and reflect on what has happened.A pacifier: When you restart your conve…

Seeing the Manifestation of the Divine Essence

On the Vision of Allah: Arriving at the Level of Seeing the Manifestation of the Divine Essence

The vision of Allah is of two kinds: one is seeing the manifestation of Allah’s attribute of Perfect Beauty directly in the hereafter, and the other is seeing the manifestation of the divine attributes reflected upon the clear mirror of the pure heart, in this life, in this world. In such a case the vision appears as the manifestation of light emanating from the Perfect Beauty of Allah and is seen by the eye of the essence of the heart.

Allah describes the vision seen by the eye of the heart: The heart did not deny what it saw. (Sura Najm, 11)

On seeing the manifestation of the divine through an intermediary the Prophet says, ‘The faithful is the mirror of the faithful’. What is meant by the first ‘faithful’, the mirror in this phrase, is the pure heart of the believer, while the second ‘faithful’ Who sees His reflection in that mirror is Allah Most High. Whoever arrives at the leve…

Snorkeling: Basics

Snorkeling is an underwater adventure trip just below the surface level of water to catch a glimpse of the fascinating marine life, sea creatures and nether world denizens such as moray eels, black sea urchins, multi colored frisky little schools of fish, sharks, jelly fish, green sea turtles, humpback whales, stonefish, sting ray, varieties of dolphins, mollusks, star fish, cephalopods, flat fish, marine organisms like sea cactus, other varieties of sea turtles, shrimp, sea weed etc.These denizens reside in obscurity in the midst of the coral reef which is their habitat along with being their source of food. Only snorkeling along with scuba diving can afford you the delight, pleasure and opportunity of admiring and experiencing the exotic sea life from such close quarters and observing the ways and habitat and lifestyles of marine creatures in their natural setting.Snorkeling is done, usually with three types of gear – a diving mask which should fit closely and never leak; a bent pip…

Rahsia Mengamal Bacaan Surah

Hikmat, Rahsia, fadilat mengamal bacaan Surah
(1) BISMILLAH (Dengan Nama Allah) Barangsiapa membaca sebanyak 21 kali ketika hendak tidur, nescaya terpelihara dari godaan dan gangguan syaitan, dari bencana manusia dan jin, daripada kecurian dan kebakaran, dan daripada kematian terkejut. Dan barang siapa membaca sebanyak 50 kali diahadapan orang yang zalim, hinalah dan masuk ketakutan dalam hati si zalim serta naiklah keberanian dan kehebatan kepada pembaca.

(2) SURAH AL-FATIHAH (Pembukaan) Barangsiapa membacanya sebanyak 41 kali diantara sembahyang sunatnya, nescaya permintaannya di perkenankan, jika sakit lekas sembuh dan nescaya dikasihi oleh makhluk dan ditakuti oleh musuh. Barang siapa membaca 20 kali sesudah tiap-tiap sembahyang fardhu, nescaya rezkinya dilapangkan oleh Tuhan dan bertambah baik keadaannya, serta bercahaya rohaninya.

(3) AYAT AL-KURSI (Kekuasaan Allah) Barangsiapa membacanya sekali selepas setiap sembahyang fardhu, nescaya terpelihara dari tipudaya dan …

MJ Michael Jackson Story

Read this Michael Jackson story...wallahuaklam.....

Mikaeel (Murder) Conspiracy

Michael Jackson (MJ) was known as the most loving person in the world. He gave up most of his assets for charity and all his life, he fought for equality of the African Americans, AIDS victims, Against Drug Abuse, Against Abortion, Against Child Labor and secretly channelled his properties for the hungry children of the world. However, he wasn't peace at heart. He always think of himself as a child trapped inside a man's body. Being Peter Pan is all his dream, never to grow up, forever a child. That inspires him to build Neverland - a heaven for children. Children of all ages and races are welcomed to Neverland. MJ had so much love to give.

However, he made a mistake which he didn't know of the consequences. He saw the peaceful life his brother, Jermaine (Muhammad Abdul Aziz) had as a Muslim - true, Jermaine faced so much pressure that he moved to Bahrain .

In 1989, MJ made a press confere…

Ismu'llaah al-A'zham

Doa Ismu'llaah al-A'zham
Ya Allah SWT, sesungguhnya aku mohon dengan mengaku bahawa sesungguhnya Engkaulah Allah SWT, tidak ada Tuhan kecuali Engkau. Maha Tunggal Maha bergantung segala sesuatu kepadaNya (As-Samad) yang tidak ada anak & tidak pula diperanakkan & tidak ada seorang pun yang menyekutuiNya. Ya Allah SWT, tidak ada Tuhan kecuali Engkau, Engkau Maha Anugerah, Pencipta Langit & Bumi, Maha Jaya, Maha Mulia.

Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: "Demi Allah SWT, yang mana nyawaku ada ditanganNya, orang yang berdoa dengan menyebut-nyebut nama-namaNya yang Maha Agung itu, pasti diterima permintaannya, pasti diberi."

Michael Jackson: Give Thanks

"Gives Thanks to Allah" was sung by Michael Jackson.
Here are the lyrics:

Give thanks to Allah,
For the moon and the stars
Prays in all day full,
What is and what was
Take hold of your iman
Don't give in to shaytan
Oh you who believe please give thanks to Allah.
Allahu ghafur
Allahu rahim
Allahu yuhibbu'l-muhsinin,
Wa -huwa ` Ala kull ah-sha'in qadir
Allah is Ghafur
Allah is Rahim
Allah is the one who loves the muhsinin,
He is our creator
He is our sustainer
And he is the one who has power over all.

Allahu Akbar!

Leading Projects

How to Lead Your ProjectsThe main difference between a leader and a manager is that a "leader" is responsible for setting the goals and motivating the team to achieve them. Whereas a manager is responsible for co-ordinating the work to achieve the goals set.Take these tips to boost your leadership skills today:Set goals: Start by setting clear project goals and timeframes for achieving them. Then create a crystal clear roadmap for your team so that every person in your team knows what has to be done and by when. Use a project methodology to help you do this.Be passionate: You then need to be passionate about achieving your project goals. It's passion that will drive the project to success. If you are passionate, then your team will be as well.Be focused: If you want others to follow you, then you need to be incredibly focused on achieving your goals. You need to be the hardest worker and most highly driven person in the team, if you want to inspire others to follow you.I…

Khasiat Asmaul Husna

Khasiat Asmaul Husna Sesungguhnya amat besar ganjarannya bagi orang yang bibirnya sentiasa basah dalam menyebut kalimah-kalimah Allah. Setiap satu nama Allah mempunyai maksud tertentu yang mempunyai pengertian yang amat besar. Berikut diterangkan antara khasiat-khasiat yang boleh diperolehi dengan menyebut nama-namaNya:Ya Batin
Apabila dibaca kalimah diatas sebanyak 33x setiap kali
selesai solat fardhu, Allah SWT akan menjadikan pembacanya
sebagai ahli Asror (mempunyai keistimewaan yang khusus).

Ya Muhaimin
Sekiranya ingin mendapatkan cahaya keimanan, maka bacalah
kalimah di atas sebanyak 100x setelah selesai mandi jumaat
(1x dalam seminggu)

Ya Qawi
Bagi sesiapa yang membaca kalimah diatas sebanyak 116x
setiap hari, insya Allah akan memperolehi kekuatan yang
khusus baginya.

Ya Qawi ya Matiin
Sekiranya dibaca sebanyak 130x dalam sehari, maka
dengan izin Allah segala kelemahan jasadny…


SUNNAH-SUNNAH YANG BERKAITAN DENGAN KELUAR MASUK RUMAHImam An-Nawawy berkata : Sangat dianjurkan untuk mengucapkan bismillah dan memperbanyakkan dzikir kepada Allah dan kemudian memberi salam.

(1). Dzikir kepada Allah
Dzikir kepada Allah ketika masuk rumah berdasarkan hadits Rasulullah Shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

"Ertinya : Apabila seorang memasuki rumahnya kemudian dzikir kepada Allah ketika akan masuk dan ketika akan makan, maka syaitan berkata : “Aku tidak akan bermalam di tempat kalian dan tidak akan makan malam”~HR. Muslim no. 2018.

(2). Mengucapkan Doa Masuk Rumah.
Berdasarkan hadits Nabi Shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam.

اللهم إني أسألك خير المولج وخير المخرج بسم الله ولجنا وبسم الله خرجنا وعلى الله ربنا توكلنا "Allahumma innii as-aluka khairan al-mawlaji wa khaira al-makhraji bismillah wa lajna wa bismillahi kharajnaa wa 'alaa rabbinaa tawakkalnaa"

"Ertinya : Ya, Allah sesungguhnya aku memohon kepada Mu kebaikan ketika masuk dan kebaikan ketika keluar.…

Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum

The following do'a (prayer) is very useful & very effective in daily life, especially when in times of trouble & confusion:

In the name of Allah, The Merciful & The Magnificent. Ya Hayyu, ya Qayyum, One who gives life, give life to my heart, my rezeki (wealth), my Deen (Faith) & my world.
Ya Allah SWT, I ask You, ya Hayyu, before every living being, One who gives life & give life to every living being.
The One who is living (Hayyu) & who gives death to the living. The One that is living, no one is the same as You. Ya Allah SWT the Living. I ask with Your Life before every living being & with Your life that gives life to every living things & with Your Life that gives death to every living being.
Ya Hayyu ya Qayyum the One who possesses greatness, lessen my problems, give what I request or desire, give light to my heart & plenty to my insufficiency. The One who does not conceal of my condition & is never weak from my asking, there is no power bu…

Strategic Thinking: Characteristics

Strategic ThinkingStrategic thinking focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities to create value by enabling a provocative and creative dialogue among people who can affect a company’s direction. It is the input to strategic planning—good strategic thinking uncovers potential opportunities for creating value and challenges assumptions about a company’s value proposition, so that when the plan is created, it targets these opportunities. Strategic thinking is a way of understanding the fundamental drivers of a business and rigorously (and playfully) challenging conventional thinking about them, in conversation with others.Strategic thinking must take into account:n Competencies and Skills: What are the company’s strengths? How can these be used to create a unique competitive advantage? What are the company’s weaknesses that might leave it vulnerable?n Products and Offerings: What is the portfolio of offerings (product, service, price and image bundles) that the company provid…