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Surah Hud: 113

"And incline not to those who do wrong, or the Fire will seize you; and ye have no protectors other than Allah SWT, nor shall ye be helped." Surah Hud: 113.

Field Processing of Natural Gas

Well streams must be sampled and analyzed with great care if the resulting data are to serve as a reliable design basis. Even then, the well-stream composition used in design must be viewed realistically. The likelihood that the actual feed to the processing equipment will be identical to the design basis is remote. Production is usually from a combination of wells that may have differing compositions. The producing pattern (number of wells and flow rate from each) may be different from that originally envisioned. Also, well-stream compositions change as reservoir pressure declines. Equipment must be sufficiently flexible and/or adequately sized to operate well in the face of changing feed composition and flow rate. In addition to well-stream composition, important design data are wellhead pressure, temperature, and flow rate. These variables change with time in a manner often difficult to predict, but nevertheless important. Decline of reservoir pressure with production is a much-stu…

Majlis Perkahwinan anak sulong kami Munirah Hj Mazlan

Kpd kawan2 yg mengenali saya rancanglah percutian Jun 2010 ini kerana saya dan isteri Noorhayati Hj Md Yasin menjemput anda ke Majlis Perkahwinan anak sulong kami Munirah Hj Mazlan
dng Azuan Ezudeen Abdullah pada 5hb Jun, 2010 (Sabtu) di Dewan UniKL MIMET Bandar Teknologi Maritim, Lumut, Perak Darul Ridhuan. Moga2 majlis ini menghubungkan siratulrahim kita semua. Amin

Short Course on Ship Stability & Weight Estimation

Those interested can access the website for short course on the above & other related maritime technology topics - don't forget to click "Short Course".

Some typical stability consideration for Ro-Ro ship: Dynamic stability shall be considered as sufficient if the righting lever curve, plotted on a basis of constant displacement, has a minimum range of 20-deg in association with a max. righting lever of at least 0.10 m both to port & to starboard of the position of static equilibrium.