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Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW

The best the Muslim can do to celebrate the Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW is to recite the selawat (blessings on the Holy Prophet)& follow his footsteps in establishing the ad-deen of Islam on the earth in ensuring success in the world & hereafter.

The 4 main characteristic of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW is sidiq (truth), amanah (trustworthiness), tabligh (propagation of Islam) and fatanah (brilliance or thoughtfulness).

The present wave of change sweeping the Muslim world from Tunisia to Egypt & other Muslim countries hopefully will bring about peace & prosperity in the region whilst establishing Islam.

Wassalaam (And peaceful salutations).

Valentine's Day: Islamic Viewpoint

Islam does recognize happy occasions that bring people closer to one another, and add spice to their lives. However, Islam goes against blindly imitating the West regarding a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Hence, commemorating that special day known as the Valentine’s Day is an innovation or bid`ah that has no religious backing. Every innovation of that kind is rejected, as far as Islam is concerned. Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected.

Hence, we Muslims ought not to follow in the footsteps of such innovations and superstitions that are common in what is known as the Valentine’s Day. No doubt that there are many irreligious practices that occur on that day, and those practices are capable of dissuading people from the true meanings of love and altruism to the extent that the celebration is reduced to a moral decline.

Doa Pilihan - Doa Murah Rezeki

"Ya Allah SWT, lontarkanlah ke dlm hatiku harapan kpdMu, putuskan pengharapanku kpd selainMu sehinggakan aku tidak lagi mengharapkan selainMu. Ya Allah SWT, apa jua yg kekuatanku tidak terdaya darinya, kekurangan pd tindakanku, tidak tercapai keinginan ku, tidak sampai permintaanku, tidak terbicara lidahku drpd apa yg telah Engkau kurniakan kpd orang2 terdahulu & terkemudian yg berupa keyakinan terhadap Mu maka khususkan diriku dengannya, wahai Tuhan sekelian alam." - Doa Murah Rezeki.