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Millionaire - By Blogging via Nuffnang

Just read an interesting article in the local paper Berita Minggu 23/1/2011 on how to make million ringgit by blogging via Nuffnang. Had just activate my account on the above & yet to proceed on the next move. But the key word is to be active blogging - most favoured story is perhaps on latest politics in the country say Tenang by-election. What are the most important issues for the state election?

Perhaps as marine designer its more relevant to discuss on latest ship designs. Interesting design in the local paper Mingguan Malaysia 23/1/2011 is related to marine vessels achieving 100 knots, by lifting the vessel by dynamic means. But as they say - marine technology requires high investment but low returns.

Doa-doa Pelaris

1. Surah al-Fatihah.
2. Surah al-Baqarah (2:165) - 10 kali: "Yuhibbuu nahum kahubbillahi wallaziina aamanuu asyaddu hubbaa lillah."
Maksudnya: "Sedang mereka itu mengasihinya seperti mengasihi Allah SWT. Tetapi orang2 yg beriman amat kasih kepada Allah SWT."
"They love them as they should love Allah SWT. But those of Faith are overflowing in their love for Allah SWT." (Holy Quran 2:165)
3. Surah al-Haj (22:27) - 7 kali: "Wa azin finnaasi bilhajji ya'tuuka rijaala'u wa'alaa kulli dhaamiri'yya' tiina min kulli fajjin 'amiiq."
Maksudnya: "Beritahukanlah kpd manusia supaya (mengerjakan) haji, nescaya mereka datang kpd engkau dgn berjalan kaki & (berkenderaan) atas unta kurus yg datang dari tiap2 jalan jauh."
"And proclain the Pilgrimage (Haj) among men: They will come to you on foot & (mounted) on every kind of camel, lean on account of journeys through deep & distant mountain highways." Holy Quran …

Qasida of Sayyidi 'Ali Wafa

When the confusion of the nafs (egos) vanishes and the breast is expanded, and the hobbling cord of the intellect is untied and the veil is lifted.

And the witness of the intellect listens to the heart, so there is no doubt in what the Ruh and Sirr relate.

So on the day after the death of our selves, whisperings and thought are replaced by knowledge.

The sources of existence are transmuted into gnoses, so the separation of this world is gatheredness, and the unseen of sublimity is proclaimed.

Habit is rent in the joining of the two opposites, so the contraction of other is expansion, and the even of other is odd.

You see everything as the whole thing, and you see its part as encompassing the whole of the whole, and containment is cut off.

So its one is one in the one of the singular, and intelligence has been forbidden its third by the Remembrance.

I have cautioned you about missing companions before it passes you by, they are a group who flee by Allah from Him to Him.

Answer a caller who cal…

Resolutions for Maal Hijrah 1432 & New Year 2011

Its quite interesting to note that the Hijrah & AD Calender starts at about the same time. The new year 1/1/'11 falls on 26 Muharam 1432H. Hence the Muslims can make joint resolutions so to speak.
Some interesting resolutions for 1432H/2011:
1. Perhaps go for PhD in Marine Technology or better still in Technopreneurship;
2. Be more critical of political scenarios both in Malaysia & globally;
3. More focus on family & career matters;
4. Have some insight on social responsibility - participate more on community matters;
5. Upgrade knowledge in Islam, sufism, etc.;
6. Have more effective teaching & learning methods;
7. Actively involve in MIMET Shipyard & Engineering which had been recently formed;
8. Show more respect for people & care for the young;
9. Participate in research & development activities glocally (i.e. global & local);
10. Make full use of the Internet, e.g. using blogspot, facebook, generating software, etc.
11. Spread the teaching of Islam, Quran,…