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Michael Jackson converted to Islam

Michael Jackson confirms conversion to Islam Pop superstar Michael Jackson has confirmed his conversion to Islam, according to reports in the Middle East.The Arab-Israeli newspaper Panorama claims Jackson has announced the move and revealed plans to move to Bahrain, where he has purchased property.The singer’s Muslim brother Jermaine Friday claimed the “Thriller” hitmaker had taken interest in the religion since Jermaine converted in 1989, and had been considering converting following his acquittal on child abuse charges in 2005.Jermaine said, “When I came back from Mecca I got him a lot of books and he asked me lots of things about my religion and I told him that it’s peaceful and beautiful.
“He read everything and he was proud of me that I found something that would give me inner strength and peace.“I think it is most probable that Michael will convert to Islam.“He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I and the word of God, we could do so much.”

Friendship of Allah SWT

DIVINE FRIENDSHIPA STORY ILLUSTRATING THE REALITY OF LOVEOne who loved ALLAH SWT set his face towards the desert. His father, being grieved at his absence, neither ate nor slept.Someone admonished the son, who said, "Since my Friend has claimed me as His own, no other friendship do I own. When He revealed to me His beauty, all else that I saw appeared unreal."They that love Him care for no one else; their senses are confused and their ears are deaf to the words of them that reproach.They wander through the desert of Divine Knowledge without a caravan.They have no hope of approbation from their fellow-men, for they are the chosen of the elect of ALLAH SWT.A STORY ILLUSTRATIVE OF PATIENCEAn old man begged at the door of a mosque. Someone said to him, "This is not the place to beg; stand not here with impudence.""What house is this," the man inquired, "from which no pity comes upon the condition …

Raising Startup Money

Ways to Raise Startup Money Create a healthy foundation for your business by combining enthusiasm with honesty.

Entrepreneurs tend to exaggerate. They exaggerate the success of their business when talking to startup investors. They exaggerate the market potential of their products to find distribution partners. They exaggerate the soundness of their strategy to recruit employees. Funding your business without exaggerating isn't easy, but there's a clear line between optimistic exaggeration and outright fabrication. Here are some guidelines to help you get your startup off the ground without selling your soul or spinning a web of lies.

Develop financial projections that are rooted in verifiable assumptions
Venture capital firms and angel investors typically want to see financial projections that shoot up like a hockey stick. Entrepreneurs often feel compelled to exaggerate projections to look like their businesses can reach a billion dollars of market value in a few years. There&…


NUSHIRAVAN'S *6 COUNSEL TO HIS SONson Hormuz:"Cherish the poor, and seek not thine own comfort.
The shepherd should not sleep while the wolf is among the sheep.
Protect the needy, for a king wears his crown for the sake of his subjects.
The people are as the root and the king is as the tree; and the tree, O son, gains strength from the root. He should not oppress the people who have fear of injury to his kingdom.
Seek not plenteousness in that land where the people are afflicted by the king.
Fear them that are proud and them that fear not Allah SWT."A DISCOURSE CONCERNING TRAVELERSThe king who deals harshly with merchants who come from afar closes the door of well-being upon the whole of his subjects. When do the wise return to the land of which they hear rumors of bad custom?If thou desire a good name, hold merchants and travelers in high esteem, for they carry thy reputation through the world. Be cautious also lest, be…

Casf Flow Management

How to Manage Your Project FinancesStep 1: Set the BudgetThe first step towards managing your project finances is to set a budget. This isn't as easy as it sounds. You need to forecast the total amount of people, equipment, materials and other expenses, needed to deliver the project. You then need to work out when in the project plan, these expenses will take place. By doing this, you can get a picture of your "project cashflow" which tells you the amount of money you need for every week in the project.Step 2: Backup FundingBefore you need it, find backup funding in the business. This is additional funding that can be used to deliver your project, if you need it. Few Project Managers actually do this in advance, but if you have almost completed a major deliverable and you suddenly run out of money, then that backup funding might "make or break" the project. You are always in a better position to get backup funding before you need it, rather than asking for more…

Quantum Physics

Saat yg paling hampir manusia itu kepada Allah adalah ketika sujudnya seperti firmanNya dalam surah Al Alaq 96:19.

Cabang2 sains itu amat berkait, sebelum mengulas dari segi fizik, saya ingin menyentuh mengenai sujud dari segi fisiologi manusia. Sujud itu memaksa darah ke frontal lobe yg mana ianya merupakan bahagian otak yg membezakan manusia dan haiwan, ini menyihatkan frontal lobe yg bekerja sepanjang hari (secara kasarnya berfikir tetapi penjelasannya tidak semudah itu), tanpa frontal lobe manusia tidak ubah seperti haiwan, adakah pada waktu kebiasaannya? Tidak, pada waktu marah, pada waktu bersedih, pada waktu bernafsu, ketika berpeluang membuat kejahatan ketika tiada siapa melihat dan sebagainya yg mana kebanyakan manusia tidak lagi boleh membezakan mana yg baik dan buruk lantas membuat keputusan2 yg salah.

Sihat dan berfungsinya frontal lobe membolehkan manusia berfikir dgn lebih sempurna dan akan lebihlah mereka dapat melihat kebesaran2 Allah itu lantas semakin yakin dan bertamb…

Meetings: Project

Improve Your Project MeetingsEveryone dislikes meetings that drag on. So your job is to make it focused, highly driven and to add a sense of purpose. If you do this, then you'll boost team motivation and morale. Here are 5 tips to help you...Tip 1: Plan wiselyTo make sure you get the most out of your meetings, you need to plan them wisely. Prior to each meeting, write down 3 goals that you want from the meeting. Here are some examples:"I want the team to know we're on track""I want any issues or risks to be raised""I want them to feel valued and motivated"Then you need to work out how you're going to achieve your goals. The next few tips will help you with this...Tip 2: Open and close carefullyLike in theatre, people most remember the opening and the closure the most. So open and close your meetings carefully. When you open the meeting, tell them what the purpose of the meeting is, what you want to get out of it and why it's important. Thi…


Sama samalah kita ingat mengingati amalan amalan mulia yang penuh berkat ini……….

Pada 24 Jun 2009 (Rabu) kita memasuki bulan Rejab. Bulan Rejab adalah bulan Allah swt. Let’s overview ada apa di sebalik bulan Rejab itu.
Diriwayatkan bahwa Rasulullah saw telah bersabda, "Ketahuilah bahwa bln Rejab itu adalah bulan ALLAH swt, maka:” 1. Barang siapa yang berpuasa 1 hari dalam bulan ini dengan ikhlas, maka pasti ia mendapat keredhaan yang besar dari ALLAH swt 2. Dan barang siapa berpuasa pada tanggal 27 Rejab /Isra Mi'raj (Isnin, 20 Julai 2009) akan mendapat pahala seperti 5 tahun berpuasa3. Barang siapa yang berpuasa 2 hari di bulan Rejab akan mendapat kemuliaan di sisi ALLAH swt 4. Barang siapa yang berpuasa 3 hari yaitu pada tanggal 1, 2, dan 3 Rejab (24, 25, 26 Jun 2009) maka ALLAH swt akan memberikan pahala seperti 900 tahun berpuasa dan menyelamatkannya dari bahaya dunia dan seksa akhirat 5. Barang siapa berpuasa 5 hari dalam bulan ini, insya…

Wisdom is a Great Good

WISDOM IS AGREAT GOODGod has declared, Wisdom is a great good;wherever you may see this good, seize it.
Science gives pinions to words and sounds,bestows purest substance on things without substance;science finds a way even to heaven’s zenithto pluck the sight out of the sun’s own eye.Its transcript is the commentary of the cosmos,
the fate of the cosmos hangs upon its determining;it says to the desert, ‘Bubble up!’ and it bubbles,to the sea, ‘Produce a mirage!’ and it produces it.Its eye beholds all the events in creationthat it may see the sure foundations of creation;
if it attaches its heart to God, it is prophecy,but if it is a stranger to God, it is unbelief.Science without the heart’s glow is pure evil,for then its light is darkness over sea and land,its rouge renders the whole world black and blind,
its springtide scatters the leaves of all being,sea, plain and mountain, quiet garden and villaare ravaged b…

Kasyaf ul-Asrar

Kasyaf ul-Asrar

(Soal): Dan beberapa jalan kepada Allah SWT didalam tubuh manusia beri kami akan jawabnya.
(Jawab): Adapun jalan kepada Allah SWT dalam tubuh manusia iaitu 4 jalan.
Pertama jalan syari'at dan
kedua jalan tariqat dan
ketiga jalan haqiqat dan
keempat jalan ma'rifat.

(Soal): Dan syari'at itu apa kepada Rasul SAW dan tariqat itu apa kepada Rasul SAW dan haqiqat itu apa kepada Radul SAW & ma'rifat itu apa kepada Rasul SAW.
(Jawab): Adapun syari'at itu perkataannya dan
tariqat itu jalannya dan
haqiqat itu kediamannya dan
ma'rifat itu kelakuannya adanya.

(Soal): Dan syari'at itu apa kepada kita & apa zikirnya & tariqat itu apa kepada kita & apa zikirnya & haqiqat itu apa kepada kita & apa zikirnya & ma'rifat itu apa kepada kita & apa zikirnya.
(Jawab): Adapun syari'at itu tubuh kepada kita & zikirnya Lailaha illa Allah &
adapun tariqat itu hati kepada kita & zikirnya Allah, Allah &
adapun haqiqat itu nyawa k…

Remembrance - Zikr

Zikir in Naqsyabandiyah order
Silent Part, counting with stones:

Shahada 3 times;astaghfirullah 70 times;Shaykh recites the du'a: "Allahuma Ya Musabbib al-Asbab, Ya Mufattih al-Abwaab, Ya Muqallib al-quloobi wal-absaar, Ya Daleel al-mutahayyireen, Ya Ghiyath al-mustaghatheen, Ya Hayyu, Ya Qayyum, Ya Dhul-Jalali wa-l-Ikram! Wa ufawwidu amri il-Allah, inn-Allaha baseerun bil-cibad."Rabitat ash-sharif, connect your heart to the heart of the Shaykh, from him to the heart of the Prophet (s), the Prophet (s) will connect you to the Divine Presence;Fatiha 7 times;Salawat - prayer on Prophet (s) 100 times;Surat al-Inshirah 79 times;Surat al-Ikhlas 1001 times;Fatiha 7 times;Salawat 100 times;one person, by the order of the Shaykh will recite Qur'an;Ihda: presentation by the Shaykh as gift to the Prophet (s) and to the saints and Shaykhs of the Naqshbandi Order and all other orders;Loud Part:

‘la ilaha ill-Allah' 100 times;Ihda, Shaykh …

Application to Ship Design

Application to Ship Design

The shipbuilder is concerned in 2 principal ways:

1. Specialist knowledge: To design the optimal ship, extensive experience is required of the influence of different design features on 1st cost. The builder is much better able than the shipowner to quantify accurately the cost of alternative hull proportions, materials, machinery arrangement, etc.

2. Commercial competition: As shipowners have become more ready to apply the principle of maximising the difference between present worths of income & costs, rather than minimising ship 1st cost, there has arisen a greater need for a shipuilder to show not that his design is necessarily the cheapest, but that it is the most profitable. This approach has been used by the aircraft industry for some time, & is particularly applicable to standard ship designs.

Ranking of the Most Influential Persons

Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in HistoryMy choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels. Of humble origins, Muhammad founded and promulgated one of the world's great religions, and became an immensely effective political leader. Today, thirteen centuries after his death, his influence is still powerful and pervasive. The majority of the persons in this book had the advantage of being born and raised in centers of civilization, highly cultured or politically pivotal nations. Muhammad, however, was born in the year 570, in the city of Mecca, in southern Arabia, at that time a backward area of the world, far from the centers of trade, art, and learning. Orphaned at age six, he was reared in modest surroundings. Islamic radition tells u…

Amalan Doa Mudah Mendapat Rezeki

Amalan Doa Mudah Mendapat Rezeki

"Wahai Tuhan kami, ya Allah SWT! Wahai yang Maha Esa! Wahai yang Maha Esa! Wahai yang Maha Wujud! Wahai yang Maha Pemurah! Wahai yang Maha Mulia! Wahai yang Maha Menganugerahkan! Wahai yang Mempunyai Anugerah! Wahai yang Maha Kaya! Wahai yang Maha Mengkayakan! Wahai yang Maha Pembuka! Wahai yang Maha Pemberi Rezeki! Wahai yang Maha Mengetahui! Wahai yang Maha Bijaksana! Wahai yang Maha Hidup! Wahai yang Maha Berdiri dengan SendiriNya! Wahai yang Maha Pengasih! Wahai yang Maha Penyayang! Wahai yang Maha Mencipta 7 petala langit & bumi! Wahai yang Mempunyai Keagungan & Kemuliaan! Wahai yang Maha Pengasih! Wahai yang Maha Mengurniakan! Kurnialah kepadaku daripada Mu dengan kurniaan yang baik yang menjadikan aku tidak memerlukan kepada selainMu: "Jika kamu (wahai orang-orang musyrik) memohon supaya diberikan kemenangan (bagi pihak yang benar) sesungguhnya kemenangan (yang kamu pohon) itu telah datang (& disaksikan oleh) kamu." &qu…


The perfection of the Thariiqah is Shalaat itself, which is the Witnessing of al-Wujuud adz-Dzaatiyyah (Allaah Ta'aalaa), known as al-Musyaahadah al-Hudhuuriyyah. As Divine Command ('Amr al-Qadr), Shalaat is the Total Manifestation of 'Aalam Laahuut (al-Martabah al-Ghayb al-Muthlaq) in 'Aalam Syahaadah. Of all the constitutive elements of the Noble Syarii'ah, we know that only Shalaat was revealed directly to the Holy Prophet (s) in Allaah's Presence, in the State of Origin of Origins, without an intermediary whatsoever, without the presence of Hadhrat Jibra'il (a), that is, at the Highest Point during his blessed Mi'raaj, where none prevails but Allaah, al-Haqq 'Azza wa Jalla, His Essence, His Oneness.

Shalaat, with its totality of configurations (Dzikr and Harakaat), is the Whole Universe unified in itself, al-Kaun al-Jaami'. As such, of all the creations of Allaah, only Man can perform it, thereby truly worshiping Allaah. This is the 'Amr …

Arabic Language - Think Outside the Box

In Malaysia we had high interest to learn Arabic language but there is not much media support - you can learn ways of reading the Holy Quran in the mainstream & private channels but perhaps one way is to air Arabic movies or drama series with Malay subtitles (not dubbing with Malay voices). This perhaps will create more interest among Malaysians to learn Arabic - formal studies normally are encouraged through seeing those drama series or movie in Arabic.

If we can enjoy seeing Korean, Hindi, Spanish drama series..why not Arabic drama series or some latest Arabic movies. We tend to see them only during Ramadan period. Arabic is a living language & we definitely will gain whilst communicating with the Arabs (some hundred millions worldwide). We always mention about thinking outside the box - perhaps this is one way we can really be outside the box whilst looking at the Box (TV).

Cheng Ho

Little did the famous Muslim geographer, Ibn Battuta know, that about 22 years after his historic visit to China, the Mongol Dynasty (called the Yuan Dynasty in China) would be overthrown. The Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) would begin. A Muslim boy would help a Chinese prince. That prince would become emperor and the boy would grow up to be the "Admiral of the Chinese Fleet."His name... Zheng He (Cheng Ho). The ships that he would sail throughout the Indian Ocean would retrace some of the same routes taken by Ibn Battuta, but he would be in huge boats called "junks". He would go to East Africa, Makkah, Persian Gulf, and throughout the Indian Ocean.Speak of the world's first navigators and the names Christopher Columbus or Vasco da Gama flash through a Western mind. Little known are the remarkable feats that a Chinese Muslim Zheng He (1371-1433) had accomplished decades before the two European adventurers.The Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation retr…