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Lofty Islam

"The lofty Islam is the Islam of Ibrahim which the Sufis have. They, may Allah be pleased with them, are such that their hearts find the moment of hardship the same as the moment of ease. They find the moment of illness the same as the moment of health. They find the moment of affliction the same as the moment of well-being. They find the moment of poverty the same as the moment of wealth. They find the moment of abasement the same as the moment of elevation.

"They find the moment of constriction the same as the someone of expansion, and so it. That is like Sayyiduna Ibrahim, peace be upon him, whose heart was ecstatic in the strongest possible constriction - or we could say affliction or trial. O Allah! Make us and all those connected to us belong to the path of Ibrahim by the rank of the Best of Creation, our lord, master and beloved, Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace." - Shaykh Ad-Darqawi.

Remembrance of Allah SWT

The extraordinary feats performed by saints are reduced to their proper insignificance.They said to him, "So-and-so walks on the water." He replied, "It is easy enough: frogs and waterfowl do it." They said, "So-and-so flies in the air." "So do birds and insects," he replied. They said, "So-and-so goes from one town to another in a moment of time." "Satan," he rejoined, "goes in one moment from the East to the West. Things like these have no great value"; and he proceeded to give the definition of the true saint which has been quoted already a man who lives in friendly intercourse with his fellow-creatures, yet is never forgetful of Allah SWT.

The most beautiful prayer by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

The most beautiful prayer by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) As was the custom with the tribes of Arabia prior to Islam, people’s allegiances were to tribes under whose protection one was, which meant other tribes, particularly less influential ones, would avoid entering into a feud with anyone from a more noble tribe. The Prophet (s) belonged to the most noble of them all, the tribe of Quraysh, and within that tribe, the noble tribe of Bani Hashim.After the death of his grandfather Abd-al- Muttalib it was Abu Talib the uncle of the Prophet (saw) who gave him protection. And when Muhammad (s) became a prophet, although his uncle did not accept Islam, he nevertheless loved his nephew very much and maintained that protection from the increasingly hostile Quraysh. However, Abu Talib died, and the Prophet (saw) sought protection from another of his uncles, Abu Lahab, who accepted his request very reluctantly, unable to refuse out of tribal custom. However, this protection was considerably nominal…

Free Palestine

Part of the campaign by the Israelis/Zionists is divide & rule - hence they try to separate Gaza from Palestine. Actually the aid should go to Free Palestine - Gaza is part of Palestine. Free Palestine or Free Gaza movement needs worldwide unity against atrocities by the Israelis/Zionists. They always find an excuse for the attack - presumably looking for dangerous weapons on board the ships that carry foodstuff & medical aids for stricken Palestinians in Gaza. Allah SWT is the best saviour for the Muslims/Non-Muslims in Gaza, Palestine.

Unity amongst the Muslims is paramount to combat the common enemy - Israel/USA. Belief in Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW is the best weapon against the terrorist state, Israel. Allah SWT guarantees divine support for those who strive for Islam.

Victory for the Palestinians in Gaza, victory to the Muslims. Amin.