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Hyundai Kia Promo 2009

Almost a Millionaire
It's rather interesting & exciting to hear that I had won GBP750,000.00 from the above said company in the UK. But the catch? I've got to pay some GBP400+ to a courier company based in UK from a Mr Coleman. He had actually called me a few times asking me to pay for the courier service. Is it a scam?
Having that amount of money just by having an e-mail address, in this case is rather too good to be true. Imagine amassing such wealth without really sweating it out!
What shall one do with such a fortune, say stacked in a vault of some famous motor company, Hyundai Kia of the UK. I thought they are from rival Korean motorcar companies. Its actually a good business sense to merge the two giant Korean companies.
Perhaps I can actually buy a Hyundai or/and Kia car/s & test drive them (first). Its a good promo by the two companies to actually pay people to buy their products during these difficult times. Well, I'm almost a millionaire, in Ringg…