Planning and administration of the project, the development PROJECT SHEET OSX3, CAMPOS BASIN BRAZIL MOORING INSTALLATION AND HOOK-UP A Location map B Mooring installation C Union Sovereign with ROV spread FEATURES Company OGX – OSX (currently OGPar) Location Tubarão Martelo Field, Campos Basin, Brazil Period Preparation August 2012 - May 2013. Execution June 2013 to September 2013 Contractor MODEC Sub-contractor Boskalis B C of detailed installation procedures and the execution of the mooring installation (phase 1) followed by the FPSO Hook-up (phase 2). Upon arrival and importation of equipment and mooring components in Rio de Janeiro it was loaded on board the installation vessel (Construction Support Vessel (CSV) Boa Deep C) directly from the transportation vessel. After receiving the Installation License from the Company the CSV sailed to site and after an ROV pre-survey the installation of the anchor piles started. The mooring chains were connected to the mooring piles on deck of the CSV and installed at designated location within specified tolerances. Upon installation of the piles the mooring chains were pre-tensioned with the CSV to a tension of 200 ton and laid in a pre-determined pattern on the seabed; wet stored until hook-up operation commenced. This phase was completed end of August 2013. For the hook-up of the FPSO four anchor handling tugs (AHTs) were mobilized of which three are nowadays owned and operated by Boskalis, i.e. Fairmount Glacier, Fairmount Expedition and Union Princess. Boskalis’ DP2 AHT Union Sovereign was mobilized including two suitable ROVs to pick-up the pre-installed mooring system and hand it over to the rigging team on board the FPSO. The FPSO was connected to the four other tugs to maintain position during the hook-up. Particular attention was given to reduce chains twists to meet the tight contractual tolerances. Once all the chains were engaged into the chain stoppers the chains were tensioned one by one to the required tension and angle. In September 2013 the installation was finalized with a rotation test of the FPSO, which was to the complete satisfaction of Contractor.


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