MBA can significantly advance your career by:
● equip the student with a strong theoretical and practical framework to permit him/her to analyse complex projects from first principles ● develop a deep understanding of how debt and equity are balanced within project financing structures, so as to meet the needs of project participants with different drivers and objectives and to optimise the final debt structure ● develop an appreciation in breadth and depth of the core financial documents and commercial contracts employed in the sector ● provide a full understanding of the potential sources of finance for different types of project, in a wide range of industrial sectors (notably power, oil & gas and infrastructure) and geographical centres – as well as their relative merits and de-merits ● build a detailed knowledge of modern project finance practice and an understanding of how government and parastatal bodies’ roles and activities impinge upon the financing of projects ● allow the student to develop an appreciation of why projects fail and how ailing / failing projects can be addressed.


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